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h its bleached imagery in black and white, the▓ movie Nanking Nanking takes on its audience for a journey through the cruelty of ▓the Nanking Massacre, where the Ja

panese aggressors killed hundreds of thousands Chinese, most of whom were civilians. With a restrained narrative, th▓e production follows the spiritual and physical struggle of an ordinary soldier, and focuses on the residents' will to resist. It ov▓erwhelmed the young viewers. The movie was directed by Lu Chuan, who won wide fame four ye▓ars ago for the pr

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oduction "Ke Ke Xi Li". In producing Nanking N▓anking, Lu Chuan has made a point of seeking the truth about the tragic incident. Many detail▓s in the plot have reliable historical sources. In representing the incident, he also sought to present the resistance put up by ordinary Chinese peo▓ple. Related V

ideo:Mainland actress Gao Yuanyuan, who stars in the upcomi▓ng Nanjing Massacre flick "Nanking! Nanking!", is seen this set o▓f feature photos. Her new role in this Lu Chuan film, breaking away from her stereotypical innocent characters previously, is seen as the turing point of her acting career,"Nanking!" director Lu Chuan, who established his name on the

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widely-acclaimed film "Ke Ke Xi Li", once planned a psycho thriller in 2006 with Gao Yuanyuan on his cast agenda, but the film fell thro

ugh eventually."Nanking! Nanking!" ▓will hit the screen across China on April 22.Mainland actress Gao Yuanyuan, who stars in the upcoming Nanjing Massacre flick "Nanking! Nanking!", is seen this se▓t of feature photos. Her new role in this Lu Chuan film,

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breaking away from her stereo▓typical innocent characters previously, is seen as the turing point of her acting career,"Nanking!" direct

or Lu Chuan, who established his name on the wid▓ely-acclaimed film "Ke Ke Xi Li", once planned a psycho thrille▓r in 2006 with Gao Yuanyuan on his cast agenda, but the film fell through eventually."Na▓nking! Nanking!" will hit the screen across China on April 22.Ex-chief of Cambodian military forces to become deputy PMPHNOM PENH, March 4 (Xinhua) -- The government has appointed former commander-in-chief of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (R▓CAF) Ke Kim Yan as deputy prime minister, said English-language newspaper the Cambodia Daily on Wednesday. "The government will send the request▓ to the National Assembly. When the Nat

ional Assembly approves it, you will know," Tea Banh, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Defense, told the paper. If approved, Ke Kim Yan will become the government's 10th deputy prime minister. The general has been without a position since

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being removed as RCAF chief by a Royal Decree on Jan. 22. Music Arranged by Meng Ke Ding JiChoreography b▓y Jie KeAll Say My Home Town Is BeautifulWords by Xiao PeihengMusic by Lu QimingSung by Meng Ge Yan Dangdang Wang Qingshuang銆婇暱姹熶箣姝屻€?Song of the Yangtze River Words by Hu HongweiMusic by Wang ShiguangSung by Wang Hongxing Huo Yong Zhong Liyan Hu YanPearl of the OrientWords Lo Ta YuMusic by Lo Ta YuSung by Cao Fujia Shi Peng銆婂勾杞荤殑鏈嬪弸鏉ョ浉浼氥€?Young Friends Come TogetherWor

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ds by Zhang MeitongMusic by Gu JianfenSung by Wei Jindong Liao ▓ZhongWang Feifei Zhu HaichenYangtze Rolling EastMusic by Gu JianfenWords by Yang ShenSung b▓y Yang Hongji Zhang Haiqing銆婂湪甯屾湜鐨勭敯閲庝笂銆?In the Field of HopeWords by Xiao GuangMusic by Shi GuangnanSung by Gao Yin Wu Chunyan, et alBeleaguered South Korean auto maker Ssangyong Motors is seeking protection from creditors after red ink mounted and cash flow collapsed amid falling sales. If the situation does not improve, ▓the compan

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y would become the first major auto maker to go bankrupt in Asia because of the financial crisis. China's Shanghai Automotive Industry is the biggest Ssangyong's big▓gest shareholder and is closely working with the troubled firm to survive the crisis. Ssangyong Moto▓rs says it's made the "unavoidably choice" to file for court receivership to d▓eal with an urgent liquidity crisis. It posted debt of more than one trillion ▓won, or seven-hundred and 45 million US dollars, as it was rocke▓d by plunging dem

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and for vehicles. The court has one month to consider the application.Jia Ke, Auto analyst said "Ssangyong's application f▓or court receivership offers temporary protection as c▓reditors cannot sell assets. The court will decide whether the firm is able to survive, if not, it will go into bank▓ruptcy proceedings."Ssangyong is the fifth largest auto maker in South Korea, primarily manufac▓turing SUVs. It sold 92 thousand vehicles in 2008, down 30 percent from the year before, due to shrinking in dema

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nd for vehicles. It cannot meet Decembe▓r's payroll or pay back the debt owed to banks. The company has come up to a number of measures to cut costs such as asking workers to take voluntary retirement, wage r▓eductions and other steps.Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, one of China's biggest auto makers, took over Ssangyong in 2004 and owns 51 percent of the sh▓ares. It's working closely with the firm.Jia Ke said "I think the court receivership is a step to save the firm. What measures should

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SAIC take? I think a capital injection, only, has little meaning. Fundamental reform is needed to save the firm out of trouble."SAIC injected 45 million US dollars last week into Ssangyong Motors to pay employee▓s. It's keeping in close touch with the management, labor and local government, seeking ways to save the company.▓ Related stories:对不起,可能是网络原因或无此页面,请稍后尝试。本页面3秒之后将带您回到央视网首页。How Go Grandmaster Ke Jie lost ▓to AlphaGoHow Go Grandmaster Ke Jie lost to Alpha

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